Opauth configurations

Instantiation of Opauth class accepts a configuration array as input.

require 'vendor/autoload.php';
$config = array(
    'path' => '/auth/',
    'http_client' => "Opauth\\Opauth\\HttpClient\\Curl",
    'callback' => 'callback',
    'Strategy' => array(
        //strategy configurations should go here
        //See Strategy configuration section
$Opauth = new Opauth\Opauth\Opauth($config);
$response = $Opauth->run();
  • path
    • Default: /
    • Path where Opauth is accessed.
    • Begins and ends with /
    • For example, if Opauth is reached at http://example.org/auth/, path should be set to /auth/; if Opauth is reached at http://auth.example.org/, path should be set to /
  • http_client
    • Default: Opauth\\Opauth\\HttpClient\\Curl for cURL (requires php_curl)
    • Client to be used by Opauth for making HTTP calls to authentication providers.
    • Opauth also ships with other HTTP clients.
  • callback
    • Default: callback
    • This forms the final section of the callback URL from authentication provider, ie. http://example.org/auth/strategy/callback

HTTP clients

  • Uses cURL for making of HTTP calls.
  • Requires php_curl
  • Default client. Zero configuration needed.
  • Uses file_get_contents() for making of HTTP calls.
  • Requires allow_url_fopen to be enabled.
  • To use, set http_client to Opauth\\Opauth\\HttpClient\\File
Guzzle version 4
  • Uses latest stable version of Guzzle for making HTTP calls.
  • Recommended HTTP client for Opauth
  • Not set as default for Opauth due to minimum PHP requirement being >= 5.4.2.
  • To use: 1. Composer require guzzlehttp/guzzle:~4.0 1. set http_client to Opauth\\Opauth\\HttpClient\\Guzzle
Guzzle version 3
  • Uses Guzzle version 3 for making HTTP calls.
  • To use: 1. Composer require guzzle/guzzle:~3.7 1. set http_client to Opauth\\Opauth\\HttpClient\\Guzzle3

Opauth HTTP client is extensible. You can author your own desired clients if you wish.

Strategy configuration

Each strategy has its own configuration keys. Check the strategy README file for more information. The strategies should be configured in the 'Strategy' key in the config array, each under its own key that matches the classname of the strategy.

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